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Irrlicht: Suze° / Bethlehem / Lucien Rapilly / Speedgirls

13. September 2019 @ 19:00 - 2:00

Irrlicht: Suze° / Bethlehem / Lucien Rapilly / Speedgirls

Rohrohrzucker an den Häuserwänden. Unterschiede aus Spiralkrümmungen. Immer dem Licht entgegnet es wenn, und immer nur weil weil weil. Plastische Windböen und verknorrte Astkronen rufen uns zusammen, sie erzählen von den Liedern der Alten. Weil so jung kommen wir nie wieder zusammen.


-Brussels, Belgium
//ambient electronic cosmos

Suze° is like an everlasting dream that got worked with, dreamed with, experimentalized with. “What are you looking for in your dreams?”, she softly asked. “Nothing. The dream itself it is what I am looking for!”
By sm/all defence who shines light, and who just pretend to!do so.

-Lille, France
//weird percussive electronic acoustics

Bastien Tandori et Cyril Leon presenting their newly formed duo-project Bethlehem. They are looking for repetitions, textures and the loss of control, for sure. Amplified Drums meeting Drum Machine Synth Effects. It’s a kind of trance techno noise for the epileptics.

With projects like Amundsen and La Peau Lisse, Cyril already visited the Chambers of the Fasanerie twice. Now he gets back to «Irrlicht» together with Bastien Tandori and their everchanging sound of tribalism!

-Lille, France
//snare buzz and static noises

Electro-Acoustic Feedbacks. Lucien breaks free upon the microelectronics and piezoelectronics for summing them into routes of atonal Drones and bone-shaking Crackers. Expect to immerse yourself into waves full of energy, frequency responses and vibration!

-Saarbrücken-Berlin, Germany
//crazy lo-fi riot grrrl-punk

Mooving beats like the former gods of Beat Happening, melodic voices singing about the sarcastic odds of life like Chastity Belt and a guitar that goes rancid around the bass like who gives a f#:k what they never sounded like. This newly formed Punk Atom Group is not only funny about when we all collapse, but why not dance and shout the way out into us? “..grabbing people by their nuts after their last blow is kinda essential for me and established a new view. Under the fortunes we need to supply and apply.”


fabelhafte zauberwelten
irrlicht goes pt2 /19

you see do you see people walking on the streets can you feel it’s near can you feel i’m not here where are you i’m not here please tell tell the world where are you where are you – wenn der könig seinen geliebten umbringt.



13. September 2019
19:00 - 2:00


Lebacher Str. 1-7a

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